• Why are we auditioning in the spring?

    • Similar to Les Mis a few years ago, the goal of auditioning this spring is to give all cast members time over the summer to learn their individual material. This is not an easy show for any high school to tackle! You will notice on the audition form that it is an EXPECTATION that leads cast in the show will return in the fall with a solid foundational understanding of all of their solo material. We simply won’t have time in the fall to teach individual notes or rhythms- the focus must be on putting things together.

    • Ensemble members and supporting roles will NOT be required to prepare over the summer – their material will be taught and rehearsed in the fall like a typical year. 

  • What are the June and July dates on the calendar?

    • Certain lead roles will be required to schedule and attend two coachings with Mr. Chenoweth and Mr. Spillman over the summer. These will be coordinated individually based on availability and will each be approximately an hour. The goal of the June meeting will be to help with any difficult sections of material, coach vocal technique and style choices, and generally run through all solo material. The July coaching will be more specifically focused on polishing all material vs. learning it. As mentioned above, supporting roles and ensemble members will not be required to scheduling coachings and will begin rehearsing in August.

  • How will COVID impact this show?

    • We are optimistic that things will continue to improve and by November this production can be as “normal” as possible. However, we will absolutely abide by any and all safety guidelines set forth by the CDC and Boone County throughout the production.

  • What’s going to be unique about our version of the show?

    • We are designing this production to be an immersive version of Into The Woods… This means that when the audience walks into the theater, they too will be in “the woods” along with our cast. Even the orchestra will take an active role in setting the scene for our production. We have some very unique set designs, special effects, decorations, etc. that are going to make this an experience unlike anything ever presented at ZCHS!