• All students planning to audition for the production must first complete the audition form linked below. We must have your completed form prior to 4pm on Monday, May 24 when auditions begin, but we encourage everyone to submit as early as possible.

  • All students should also review the sample rehearsal calendar. A comprehensive calendar will not be shared until the end of summer, but this sampling of times and dates should give you an idea of the time commitment involved with the production.

  • Auditions will be held in the STAR Bank Performing Arts Center on Monday, May 24 beginning at 4pm.

  • There are 6 audition songs linked at the bottom of this page (3 for tenor/bass, 3 for soprano/alto). Each student should choose ONE of them to prepare and perform. Consider voice part/vocal range FIRST (which song is the best representation of your abilities?) and then secondarily consider character type (what sort of character would you prefer to be cast in?).

  • There is also sample dialogue from the script linked on this page- all students should memorize the monologue for the Narrator and be prepared to deliver this.

  • We will hear all students singing each title in succession. For example, everyone singing Little Red will go, then everyone singing The Witch, etc. The order of characters will be determined that day.

  • After each person sings, they will immediately recite the provided Narrator dialogue.

  • We would strongly prefer that vocal cuts and the Narrator monologue be memorized for the audition, but students are allowed to use music/the script if absolutely necessary.

  • The audition will not include any choreography. 

  • Once a student has sang and recited narrator lines, they are free to go. There will be no further singing or reading on the audition day.

  • A callback list will be posted on the ZCHS Musical Instagram account sometime Monday evening after auditions conclude.

  • This list will solely indicate names of students from which we need to hear or see more. Please understand that being called back is not an indication that you’ll receive a lead role, that you’ll definitely be cast in the show, etc. Conversely, there will likely be students who are not called back that will be cast in the show. Some roles may be clear based on the preliminary audition- if that is the case, we will not call that student back or hear others on that role. Some who are called back may not ultimately be cast in the show depending on the needs of the production. The only thing a callback indicates is a need for the creative team to see or hear more.

  • Callbacks will be held in the PAC on Tuesday, May 25 beginning at 4pm.

  • Callbacks may include any variety of tasks. It’s possible that students will be asked to sing the original auditions pieces again, learn additional cuts from the show (taught during the callback) and perform them, perform old or new cuts while incorporating direction from the creative team, read additional dialogue, participate in vocal warmups to demonstrate range, etc. There are many named roles in this show and each is one piece of the puzzle- the purpose of callbacks is to figure out the best way to put all the pieces together.

  • The cast list will be posted on all ZCHS Musical social media accounts at 4pm on Wednesday, May 26th (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

  • Students cast as LEAD roles in the show will have an opportunity to pick up a copy of their binder (script & score) from ZCHS anytime on Thursday, May 27th. Supporting roles and ensemble members will not receive their materials until the fall.