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November 17th-19th

ZCHS Presents: Legally Blonde


Auditions will be held on Tuesday, August 23rd beginning at 4pm in the PAC.  For the audition, you will be expected to: 

1. Sing a vocal excerpt (of your choice) from the following options:

  • S/A Audition Excerpt #1: Legally Blonde mm. 21-68 (Elle)

  • S/A Audition Excerpt #2: Legally Blonde Remix mm. 4-38 (Vivienne)

  • T/B Audition Excerpt #1: Chip on my Shoulder (Emmett) mm. 41-76

  • T/B Audition Excerpt #2: Serious (Warner) mm. 5-26


Accompaniment tracks for all four audition excerpts can be found by copying and pasting the following link into any browser. During the audition, you will sing with these exact tracks:


2. Learn and perform a section of choreography, taught by our choreographer on audition day.


3. Read and act/perform one or more scenes (to be selected by the directors on audition day) from the following options: 


- Elle: page 28-29 and 81-83

- Emmett: page 28-29 and page 82-84

- Paulette: page 43 and 90-91

- Pilar, Margot, Serena: pages 4, 14

- Callahan: pages 108-109

- Warner: pages 9, 11, 81-82

- Vivienne: pages 36-37, 48

- Brooke: pages 79-80

- Kyle: page 113


For more details about auditions and information about callbacks, please see the full audition packet at the following link:


Callbacks are our opportunity to get to know you better as a performer and to see you alongside other actors. We may call back individuals who are being considered for lead or supporting roles. The roles that MAY be called back are:

  • Elle Woods

  • Emmett Forrest

  • Paulette Buonofonte

  • Pilar

  • Margot

  • Serena

  • Professor Callahan

  • Warner Huntington III

  • Vivienne Kensington

  • Kyle B. O'Boyle

  • Enid Hoops

  • Brooke Wyndham

- A callback does NOT guarantee any specific role - it only means we need to see or hear more from you.

- Many roles will be cast based on the first audition and therefore won't be called back.

- If you ARE called back - you could potentially receive a role we hear you for, another role, or not be cast at all.

- If you are NOT called back - you could be cast in a lead role, an ensemble role, or not cast at all. 

- Don't read too much into the callback list!

If you are called back, we may ask you to perform any combination of reading, singing, or dancing. This may be alone or with other performers as we evaluate chemistry.

Vocal callbacks may include cuts from the original audition day, or new material (that would be taught during the callback, so no need to prepare anything new in advance). We may hear combinations of singers as well. 


Reading callbacks may include scenes from the original audition day or new material (that would be distributed during the callback, so no need to prepare anything new in advance). 


Please take some to review the production calendar and plan accordingly. The production calendar is accessible in the "Forms" tab below. 


Please fill out the form below to be considered for a crew member position for the ZCHS production of "Legally Blonde". Note that due to a limited number of positions, not all who apply will be accepted onto the crew. Decisions will be made based on applications and previous crew experience at ZCHS. *Note that those interested in the following positions will require an interview to take place on Wednesday, August 24th at 7PM in the PAC: Student Director, Technical Director, Stage Manager, Lighting Operator. Generally, cast members are not able to participate in crew with the exception of social media/promotions.

Please email Mr. Chenoweth ( and Mr. Spillman ( with any questions about the show. We are looking forward to getting started!

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