COVID-19 Guidelines

In accordance with Indiana's Back on Track program and Zionsville Community School's reopening plan, we have created a reopening plan that allows us to operate at a reduced capacity with proper distancing protocols and requirements for mask-wearing.

The health and safety of our performers, audiences, and staff are our priority, and we will continue to follow guidance from local and national health experts. All events and policies are subject to change as we continue to closely monitor the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

The following details the plans for reopening the STAR Bank Performing Arts Center at Zionsville Community High School for events beginning in July 2020. These are in place in order to ensure as safe an experience as possible for all guests of the PAC.

Due to the school's guidelines, no access will be permitted to rental organizations before 4 PM on school days.

Last updated: January 2021


• Audience Access to Other Areas

Audience members shall not have access to facility hallways (with the exception of the

hallway leading to the restroom facilities), common areas or backstage areas. Only

parents/guardians of students aged 6 or under shall be allowed to access the backstage

area when their child is in need of direct supervision. Performing students will be

dropped off and picked up outside exterior Door #5. See Section 2:

Performer/Backstage Procedures for more information.

• Audience Entry

Audiences will enter the Performing Arts Center (PAC) through Door #8. All lobby

furniture shall be removed to discourage congregating and other unsafe behavior. The

PAC staff may enforce delayed or staggered entry times for patrons to prevent lines

and crowded entry conditions. Patrons who enter through Door #8 will be

immediately directed to their seats by a staff member to avoid gatherings immediately

inside or outside the entry.

Immediately outside of Door #8, signage with information about self-screening and

safety procedures for all persons entering the building will be posted.

Door #8 shall be the only entry point to the Zionsville Community High School

campus for PAC events. No entrances on the south side of campus shall be used. With

over 190 parking spaces out front, there is abundant parking available to

accommodate the vehicles of reduced audiences on the north side of the building.

• Audience Exits

In order to reduce the amount of traffic and high-touch surfaces accessible to patrons,

the two south exits, the two rear exits, and the northwest exit shall be designated as

“Emergency Exit Only” with appropriate signage in place to block patrons from

accessing other areas of the building. The tunnels to the lobby shall be used to access

the bathrooms and concession stand and will have doors propped open so no surface is

required touched.

• Bathroom Usage

Patrons will be advised in pre-show communications by the PAC and/or presenting

organization that bathroom facilities shall be available for urgent use only. Audience

members shall only be permitted to use the bathrooms in STAC Commons and the

single-use bathroom south of the PAC lobby. More regular and thorough cleaning of

bathrooms shall be implemented in accordance with ZCS policies.

• Box Office/Ticket Scanning Procedure; Merchandise, Photo, and Video

Sales; Concessions Sales

When utilizing Door #7 as an entry to the facility, box office services, merchandise

sales, video and photo sales, and a limited concession offering may be set up on the

PAC loading dock driveway for patron access. Screening procedures for patrons upon

entry shall be implemented as specified by ZCS. Patrons will be advised of the

screening process in advance of entry by the PAC and/or presenting organization.

The PAC will provide tables for use in the driveway and will provide power one 20A

power circuit to cover concessions and one additional 20A power circuit to cover box

office/entry staff members and merchandise. If concession services are allowed to take

place outside, audience members will be required to finish their beverages and food

before entering the facility. No food or drink will be allowed within the PAC. No

equipment shall remain on the PAC loading dock driveway overnight, all items must be

stowed securely within the building at the conclusion of the event each day.

• Inclement Weather

In the event that the heat index is above 91 degrees Fahrenheit, or the temperature is

below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, or there is inclement weather forecasted for the day,

one table for box office services/ticket checks shall be placed immediately inside Door

#7. One area for merchandise and photo and video sales shall be allowed in the

northeast area of the lobby, accessible from the PAC house by the northeast tunnel

within the PAC. Patrons will not be permitted in the lobby for any purpose other than

to make transactions in this merchandise area. No concessions sales will be offered

indoors in the event of inclement weather.

• Facial Coverings/Social Distancing/Hand Sanitizer

Audience members over the age of 2 shall be required to wear facial coverings to gain

entry to the PAC. Audience members who refuse to wear facial coverings will not be permitted to enter the facility.

Audience members must be in compliance of social distancing of 6 feet at all times.

The PAC shall provide hand sanitizer for audience throughout the facility, including

all points of entry.


• Seating Arrangement

PAC events will utilize the Ludus Ticketing social distancing or equivalent ticketing

software to automatically create a buffer of more than 6 feet of empty seats between

parties. This will allow parties to sit together in adjacent seats but will create sufficient

distancing between parties automatically. PAC staff shall check and enforce any

seating issues or inconsistencies that arise with the seating chart for each event. All

groups using the PAC for events shall submit their ticketing plan to the PAC Director

in advance of the event for approval. Ticketing plans must include an automated buffer

as described above or alternate means of creating a distance of 6 feet or greater

between each party. Ticketing plans must be approved before ticket sales begin for an

event. Seating will be limited to 271 per event.

• Event Security

Events may have security staff present to ensure compliance with PAC and ZCS policies.


• Performer Entry

All performers and event staff members shall enter Door #5. Only parents of students

5 and under shall be allowed backstage. All other parents must drop off their children outside of Door #5 on the driveway and pick them up outside of Door #3.

• Event Staff Entry

All PAC staff and event staff of the presenting organization shall enter Door #5. PAC

staff shall complete self-screening procedures before reporting to work as required by

ZCS for all employees. Staff members of presenting organizations shall also complete

the ZCS self-screener.

• Dressing Room Usage

The following guidelines shall be in effect throughout the duration of every event:

Performers and performing groups will be advised in pre-show

communications by the PAC and/or presenting organization that

performers should arrive at the PAC already in performance attire and

should only plan to use the dressing rooms when absolutely necessary.

No more than three unaffiliated organizations (ex. dance studios) may

utilize the dressing room area at any given time.

After the conclusion of dressing room usage by an organization, the entire

dressing room must be sanitized by custodial or PAC staff before use by

another organization.

The small auditorium shall only be available for use if all methods listed here

have been exhausted for accommodating performers. Usage of the small

auditorium as a dressing room shall incur an additional custodial and rent

fee, and extra time will need to be built in to each event schedule for

cleaning of the space.

• The following dressing room configurations shall be utilized by all

performing groups:

 Room 13: Large group dressing room

• 50-60% capacity, max 23 performers

Private Dressing Room 1: Small group dressing room

• 50% capacity, max 2 performers

Men’s Dressing Room: Small group dressing room

• 50-60% capacity, max 8 performers

Women’s Dressing Room: Small group dressing room

• 50-60% capacity, max 8 performers

Private Dressing Room 2: PAC and Event Organization Staff Bathroom

Small Auditorium: Backup dressing room

• Max 75 performers

• Presenting organizations shall communicate a schedule and list of performers expected to use the dressing room spaces at any given time to the PAC Director in advance of the event to ensure compliance with the guidelines listed above. This schedule and list must be received and approved by the PAC Director before implementation.

• Facial Coverings/Social Distancing/Hand Sanitizer

Facial coverings shall be worn by all performers and staff at all times while in the

backstage or dressing room areas. Facial coverings may only be removed by a

performer during their on-stage performance. All performers and staff must be

socially distanced by 6 feet at all times while in any of the backstage and dressing

room areas. All performers should remain socially distanced while onstage as much

as their choreography and performance setting allows. Hand sanitizer shall be

provided by the PAC throughout the backstage areas for performer/staff use.

• Event Staff Room

The PAC conference room shall continue to be available for rent as a staffing room

for renting organizations. In the event it is not rented, it shall serve as the staffing

room for PAC staff members.

• Intermission/Breaks

To avoid patrons congregating in the bathrooms or other areas, events are

encouraged to remove any intermissions or breaks, or shorten the time of those

breaks as much as possible.

• Live Streaming

A single, static camera live-stream option shall be included in the performance rent

for all rental events, should they choose to implement it. Their event will be

broadcasted as a live video to the PAC’s YouTube channel. For an additional fee,

renters can take advantage of a professional, multi-camera streaming option with

more options for distribution.


Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 11.09.52

SBPAC house with socially distant seating, 271 capacity (including accessibility seating)

Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 11.11.04

Available facilities, entrances and exits, etc.