Sunday, May 31st at 2 PM

Class of 2020, please view the video below for instructions on submitting your ZCHS Commencement 2020 videos.

Note: this form does not work for email addresses ending in indy.rr.com. Please use an alternate email address to submit.

2020 ZCHS Virtual Commencement Instructions


Class of 2020, we are excited to celebrate your accomplishments with you and your family on Sunday, May 31st at 2:00PM. To add a personalized touch to this virtual ceremony, we are asking that each and every graduate film two short videos of themselves to be included in this year’s ceremony. The first video will be each graduate saying their full name (including middle name). The second video will feature the graduate turning their tassel. In order for your two videos to be included, they must meet the following guidelines.


  1. The graduate must be standing one foot in front of a single solid-color wall in their home with no visible decorations or pictures. This is crucial because it gives us the ability to use a virtual background for each student.

  2. The video must be filmed in portrait (vertical) orientation.

  3. The video must be filmed from the waist up to about one foot above the cap. 

  4. The first video of the graduate saying their name must be less than 5 seconds.

  5. The second video will need to be a separate video file just containing the turning of the tassel. Both videos will be submitted separately.

  6. The graduate should be well lit in the video and the audio should be clear and consistent.


We will accept video submissions from May 21st – May 27th.


Please direct any questions about these videos to Isaac Spillman at ispillman@zcs.k12.in.us.


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