Women in Business and Technology


Sponsor: Taundra Miles-Cranor,

The Women in Business and Technology Club is a new group designed to empower young women and build interest in careers in business and technology.


3D Printing Club

Sponsor: Mr. Mulholland,

The 3D Printing Club gives students who are interested in printing their own 3D designs access to one of two MakerGear M2 3D printers.  This club does NOT meet regularly.  Instead, club members must complete a training course where they will learn how to use the 3D printers.  Once they have completed the training course they are free to design and print at their convenience.


Astronomy Club

Sponsor: Susan Kirk,

Students with shared interest in space, stars, extraterrestrials, etc... gather to chat about the latest news.


Book Club

Sponsor: Liz Overberg,

The ZCHS Book Club allows students to meet in a relaxed and respectful atmosphere to discuss books and socialize. For the fall 2020 semester, the club will only meet virtually through Zoom. Any student is welcome to participate, and members need not read every book or come to every meeting in order to be a part of the club. Books are selected by members and are provided to borrow for free.


Day Traderz

Sponsor: Deborah Settles,

If you want to turn your money into even more money this is the place to learn how to responsibly do it. In the club itself there will be no distribution of real money, but we will have a fun interclub game to see who can profit the most money.


Engineering Club

Sponsor: Jason Donkersloot,

Have fun with Engineering and Technical skills!


Garden Club

Sponsor: Joe Bookwalter,

Want to get outdoors? Want to plant a flower that you just can't at home? Join the Garden Club to socialize with friends while enjoying the outdoors.


Hammock Club

Sponsor: Dwight Moser,

We hang out on Friday afternoons after school.  There's no better way to relax as after a week of school than in a hammock.


Climbing Club

Sponsor: Katie Morario,

We climb at Hoosier Heights once a week.


Comic Creation Club

Sponsor: Lauren Wagner, Email: or Instagram:

The Comic Creation Club is an art-focused group that meets every other week with the purpose of creating original characters and building out the fictional worlds around them. Every artist has a unique voice and style, and this club is a place to emphasize them. Surround yourself with supportive artists who are also devoted to the craft and expressing their visions.