Student Council

Sponsor: Mrs. Harmon,

In a typical school year we do a  lot of school spirit activities, like helping with Homecoming (the dance, the game festivities, spirit week, Powder Puff), and then we also do community/school service projects and student government tasks. This semester is going to be a lot more limited on the things we can do, so we're going to have to get creative.  You’re welcome to check it out this semester and see if it interests you. We have elections in the Spring during a normal year, but since things are going to be a little different, we’re opening it up this year during 1st semester to see how many people would be interested, making it more of a club, and postponing elections – probably until next semester.


School Spirit Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Harmon,

We promote school spirit at extra curricular events, such as sporting events, throughout the year. Activities include coming up with dress up days for athletic events, fan buses, when possible, and other ways to show our support and school spirit for sports and groups that represent our school.


Junior Prom Planning Committee

Sponsor: Ann Bender,

Juniors interested in meeting to help plan prom.  We will start late October or early November.